A colloquy of Vessels  

-IV Istanbul Design Biennial - A school of Schools, 2018 
-LUMA Arles
-Z33 House for Contemporary Art
views from LUMA display, all pics by Joana Luz

A cooloquy of vessels, ia an inquiry into biological and evolutionary processes that give way to the tissues and organs that compose bodies which draws inspiration from the history of vessels.
The pieces open a series of correlations between the biophysics of tissue - during embryonic development but also during life, the rhythms of liquification and solidification of of organ/tissue, fluid exchange --through ingestion but also through skin contact; and the material qualities of clay bodies and blown glass.
Transparency and opacity, exteriority and interiority.The pieces look at amphorae as a place of fermentation, storage and transportation of liquids and the unguentarium as a device for application of scented oils on the skin.

Thiis research and formal logic is an important part FEEDS, a workshop that took place during the weekend opening weekend of the IV Istanbul Biennial of Design, A School of Schools

FEEDS is a practice-based, discourse-driven workshop that charts the evolution of food and the becoming of our bodies from microbiological processes to the metabolism of cities.We will learn about the predatory drives of our microbial ancestors that lead to symbiosis and more complex organisms and harmonious organisations.We will survey non-edible foodstuffs that feed us beyond our guts.We will understand food as a universal process to help us speculate desirable food scenarios and dishes.The workshop is structured around three different components and methodologies: ideas, practice and experience that will weave in and out of the context of the Biennial and the food flows of Istanbul.